D1000 is…?

♡ Mostly books.
dee’s recommendation key:
5/5 – Purchase immediately and read it over & over & over again.
4/5 – Get the book and find your inspiration. Be entertained.
3/5 – Ordinary but you’ll still learn something.
2/5 – Read if you have a lot of time.
1/5 – I’ve wasted my time, save yourself from doing the same.

♡ My reviews are not lengthy so to sensibly accommodate the modern day’s short attention span.  I like to keep things short & simple :)

♡ Besides the fact that my last name rhymes with thousand

♡ Maybe I’ll keep blogging until I reach my 1000th book review.

♡ & one of my favorite literary quotes: “For you a thousand times over, he’d promised.  Good old Hassan.  Good old reliable Hassan.  He’d kept his promise and ran the last kite for me.” – Amir’s narrative from The Kite Runner by K Hosseini.