the girl on the train by p hawkins

Boy, what a fun summer read.  Truthfully, I read this in February and the cold gloomy darkness really added value to the suspense.  Regardless of what season, I definitely recommend this book!  Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train is a suburbia thriller that starts with Rachel’s imaginative storytelling obsession during her daily train ride home from London.  Everyday she passes house number 15 where she used to live with her ex-husband Tom but long gone are those days.  Now the house stands with him but with a new bride inside.  These days, she’s more interested in house 23 where she observes a loving couple whom she names “Jess and Jason”.  She becomes obsessively infatuated with the idea of this beautiful couple, frequently imagining what their happy life is filled with each day.  Always with a cup of alcohol to accompany her commute, she lives vicariously through her daydreams about “Jess and Jason” and half-optimistically aspires to find her own happiness soon…

Until one day!  Rachel witnesses a terrifying event and quickly learns via news that “Jess”, whose real name is Megan, has been murdered.  Rachel’s obsession turns into reality when she cautiously attempts to help find the murderer in the quaint town.  Can it really be Megan’s husband Scott who killed his wife?  She plays detective with her own recollections of observing the couple and neighborhood but falls short on conclusions because her inebriated nature is quickly dismissed by the cops as a rubberneck.  Determined as ever, she obstinately embarks on her own investigation that leads her to dangerous territories physically and mentally.

The plot is certainly not as frightening or captivating as Gone Girl but Hawkins’ storytelling is at full throttle from beginning to end.  Riveting and extremely entertaining, Girl on the Train sent me into a thriller-seeking spiral at the bookstore.  Have fun reading this one!

dee’s recommendation: 4.5/5