coffee talk, march 2014

View More:  We’ve moved to another country!  Another home, another era, and another chock-full of life quenching memories.   How wonderful to do all this with my forever husband.  We’ve been so eager about the move that we’ve mustered up the energy to pick up new habits.  And GOOD ones; ones that will help us live longer, happier, and more comfortable.  One of which is to detach from ALL technology from two hours before sleep time.  This includes television, computer, and phone.  It’s so crazy how we spend so much time holding a piece of hot battery brick between our palms.  (Don’t get me started with ear/bluetooth pieces!)  This tech stuff is all too new to substantiate my claims of it being extremely unhealthy, but I would rather read it in the papers a decade from now on than on our medical records.

Bearable lightness of being
A week before our departure, we were left “homeless”.  Our belongings were packed into one hundred and seven boxes.  And it really put things into perspective on how much we own, how much we care about, and what we truly value.  I morbidly imagined how life would be if our 20ft container was lost at sea somehow.  I don’t think I could give up on anything we own.  In fact, we’re not hoarders.  The older we get, the lighter our belongings become, they say — I think I’m starting to understand this concept.  It’s important to purge once in awhile so we can reflect onthe phase of life we are present in.  Anyway, in the end we don’t get to bring anything with us but only our minds & souls.

Photo-books and then some
  Drew Barrymore published a book called Find it in Everything.  It’s a compilation of photographs she took of everyday images that resembled a heart, or love.   It’s not so much a book, but it was a pleasant skim through all the mundane images that were brought to life in heart forms.  Actually, it would make a very good love letter or card.  Or an idea.  Maybe we can take pictures of the resemblance every time we came across it.  But I believe it’s true.  I think we can find the goodness in everything; love in everything; happy in everything.

9780810995925  Frankly, I’m obsessed with Gloria Vanderbilt.  Actually, I’m more obsessed with her son Anderson Cooper.  I can’t pinpoint to a reason but I find their family history quite fascinating.  She wrote a handful of books but I picked up a book written about her by Wendy Goodman called The World of Gloria Vanderbilt.   She pulled the family name out from history into a modern day icon.  The book is full of pictures that are weaved into her biography: how she struggled in a custody battle at a young age, and how she embraced the family name to building her own empire.  She wears many hats.   Not only is she an heiress but a painter, a designer, a model, a writer, an actor, and a socialite.  But as Anderson wrote in his book, if she is anything, she is a survivor.  Behind the pretty face is a long list of pain and tragedy she overcame.  Definitely a fun book to read to find a bit of inspiration.

Happy reading in March!