coffee talk, february 2014

 Drugs are so lame.  It’s beyond tragic that the lives of brilliant, talented people are abhorrently defeated by making wrong choices in seconds.  Philip Seymour Hoffman passed on Feb 2.  His death sheds light on the unreachable empowerment of addiction, and how feeble and disposable life is.  Many say deaths like this can be completely avoidable… but what if it’s not? It’s like a car accident; it’s a tragedy that lives are taken, and it “could have” been avoided but who is to truly blame?  Maybe it’s just being at the wrong place, wrong time.  There are plenty of drug-drenched souls (and reckless drivers) who pull through each day without getting a single dust on their shoulders.  Or not.  But all I know is that we can’t change the fact that we are weak and vulnerable, and not every human situation or incident can be explained or understood.

I always believed true friendship never grew old.  Sadly, I’ve realized and acknowledged that this belief holds true merely in my world, my life. We make friends easily younger because our beliefs, opinions, values, morals, perspectives are all just beginning to hatch.  As we grow older, we hang tight to those who share commonalities and outlook in life.  The pool definitely gets smaller, and it’s harder to befriend a BFF when you’re 40 than when we are 10.  My definition of lifelong friendship may not be the universal standard and sometimes my sentiment is not reciprocated, but it’s still heartbreaking to see effervescent childhood friendships simmer with age.

A new bucket-list is going to steer me through 2014.  I am turning thirty next year.  All the years leading up to this forthcoming milestone, I rolled my eyes at many “over the hill” punchlines and shrugged it off by swearing that once I neared it I wouldn’t be “too old” to do anything.  Well, now that it’s literally around the bend, I am feeling more pressed for time to accomplish certain things.  So, I eagerly came up with a list.  Each achievement will bring new memories and joy but I hope by the end of the list — by my thirtieth birthday — I will be paralyzed with happiness.  The best part about this is that I have somebody to share it with.

imgres Appropriate to my bucket-list bullet point, I picked up Cameron Diaz’s Body Book mostly out of curiosity and fan admiration.  It’s the kind of book that any girl would find fun and encouraging about being female.  She writes about everything that is “body”.  From simple molecular science to nourishing our souls, Diaz invites us to really get to know ourselves — chemically, physically, and intimately.  I’ve read a few celebrity “health & body” books (including Gwenyth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Tracy Anderson, etc.) but this one is written with the most genuine and truthful spirit.  Diaz doesn’t want us to follow trends rather than to learn a lot of science to learn to control our bodies.   Drinking plenty of water or exercising may be obvious ones, but a red flag on laser pubic hair removal or checking your stool regularly may be new things to learn about!

Happy reading this week :)