[free book giveaway from books list] happy birthday d1000!


*Edit 12/18: Congratulations on receiving a book in time for the holidays!  AA in Sri Lanka, KC in Chicago, PH in Japan, and my husband! Thanks again for coming by my blog.  Happy reading :)


It’s here again! (!)  My fourth anniversary with this book blog! (!!) I’m happy that I’ve kept this going for the past four years.  The books I’ve read and the entries I’ve written have now transformed into beautiful pieces of my very own history.

The other day, I noticed that the invitations and interviews of brilliantly creative and gifted authors on talk shows have become something of a past.  I think the last time I saw an interview was of Game of Thrones series author George R.R. Martin.  As genius as he is, I must admit, he only came into light as a notable author because of the popular TV series.  Which author did you recently see on television?

Anyway, to keep the art of reading alive and do as I’ve done in the past d1000’s birthdays here, here, and here, I’d like to keep the tradition and give away not one but FOUR books (!!!) with absolutely no strings attached!  Here’s how to enter to win:

imgres31. Go through the list under the BOOKS or READ tabs
2. Choose a book you’d like to read and explain why
3.  Tell me something (ANYTHING!) in just eight words. (i.e. I got away with a parking ticket today…)
4.  Email all of this with your name & desired mailing address to d1000bookblog @ gmail by NOVEMBER 22!  (*If you’d like to receive the book electronically, please let me know.)

Have fun & good luck!! I truly hope to see lots of enthusiasm.

“No two persons ever read the same book.” – E Wilson