this is how you lose her by j diaz

13503109 A big reason why I revert to classic literature is because authors used to write with so much originality, and they did it ingeniously and meticulously.  But of course there’s only so much creation & ideas to innovate (if you know what I mean — there is a clear difference between the two).  I feel that nowadays, our standards of books/novels/etc. have depreciated into a blurry mess.  OR.  It’s simply that we have run out of ideas and nobody can truly take the blame.  I haven’t read Junot Diaz’s Pulitzer-winning novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, but I certainly think his latest book, This Is How You Lose Her, is not award-winning.  It hasn’t officially won anything but it has received a standing ovation from numerous highly respected book critics.  And I am genuinely curious as to why.

The novel follows Yunior, a character who was apparently briefly showcased in his other two books, and his recklessness in his pursuit of love.  His romance with Alma, Magdalena, Lora and all the other women in between shows how his definition of love evolves, and how he cherishes each of them as he grows older.

Honestly, the book was quite a bore for me and unfortunately I don’t have much to say on this review… which is another reason why I haven’t updated for quite sometime because I haven’t come across any plot worth recommending.  Perhaps I need to pick up his award-winning book.  Ahh, Diaz you have disappointed me.

dee’s recommendation: 1/5