coffee talk, nov 2012 pt2

The end of the year
December is upon us once again.  Many say that birthdays are unwelcoming (old age coming), or the end of the year is daunting (time flying); but I am grateful that I’m aging and time is flying.  It’s a thrill.  How many more valuable memories will I have at the end of my life?  I read somewhere today (on Facebook) that there are more days in a year that does not affect life drastically…something about more days not being as valuable to making good changes in life.  How disappointing is that?? Shouldn’t every day be a step closer to something we dream of every day? Ah, I know.  Easier said than done.  I bring this up because I think I’ve finally made a silent decision today about a change in my life.  Perhaps in time to start the new year with new beginnings?  Whatever it is we do everyday, I think it’s imperative to constantly stay conscious.  Every move we make, every thought we form, and every action we take… it’s pertinent to all the details in our lives.

Book giveaway
I was very disappointed with the turnout of my book giveaway this year.  Has the art of reading depleted in rapid fire already?  It’s a free book.  How could nobody want it?  From a list of almost 100 authors… As I said, having no time to read is a lame, unoriginal excuse.  A free book may seem insipid than a free iPad today.  But it hurt me personally to know that nobody wanted to indulge in a connection with a world beyond our reality.  I would be elated to know that somebody else is out there to offer this opportunity.  I would be slashing the air with my arm screaming “me, me, me” to get my hands on a free book. Books can be our sanctuary, our refuge, our escape; it brings us closer to characters we want to become, lives we want to lead… it eventually distances us from our mundane grinds.

A few beers in, I think I’m going to finish my Wednesday rant here. I hope you find some good books to read, and soon.  Good day & good night.  The end.