[book giveaway] happy birthday d1000!

Edit 11/20/12: In previous book giveaways, there were a lot of participants just during the first week of the announcement.  But this year, I have a lousy inbox.  A couple people complained that the question wasn’t specific or interesting enough.  So I’ve changed it to telling me about your favorite book, and extended the submission deadline to 11/25.  Please read.  It’s a free book that you get to enjoy… I’m getting so nervous about how no one reads anymore.  Okay, good luck :)


I’ve been absolutely so self-absorbed with my life that I completely neglected my baby blog!  There was a first, there was a second, and now… Happy third birthday to d1000!!

I began this blog as a self collection of notes; to remember what I had read and what made me happy.  But it has led to striking up interesting conversations with people from various walks of life.  It has opened my eyes to worlds  that exist beyond my reality.  And it has been my constant source of creative outlet.  There are certain stereotypes that is labeled with the concept of reading which easily dismisses us from actually reading: “I don’t have time”, “I don’t have time” and, “I don’t have time”.  We have to realize though, after all we always make time for everything we like to do.  Think about it.  No time to read means there’s no genuine desire to read.  Lame excuse, make it happen. :)

So!  As tradition goes, I will give you a chance to win a book you want to read!  Here’s how to participate:

1. Go through the list under the “books” tab.
2. Choose a book you would like to receive and explain why you’d like to read it.
3. Tell me a little about your favorite book (what is it, why you like it, etc.).
4. Email to d1000bookblog @ gmail. com with your name & address by Nov 25th & wait for me to get back to you! I ship internationally.

Happy choosing and good luck!