coffee talk, july 2012

 Since I’m always talking about reviving the lost art of reading, I gladly came across this article today: 15 Books to Read Before They’re Movies.  Not sure if I would desperately recommend all of these books but was not surprised to see the first one on the list, as it was the last review I did.  I am currently reading Confederacy of the Dunces after being on my nightstand for almost three years.  The first few pages are always hard to get through but I think I’ll look forward to the cine adaptation.  I was also excited to see Jeanette Walls’ The Glass Castle (bittersweet autobiographical memoir of a tumultuous yet adventurous family life) and J. Conway’s King of Heists (rumor has it Jeremy Renner may play the role – love something about him); both books which I’ve read before the birth of this blog.

Anyway please read.  Books are the window to the soul, ticket to a worldly travel, and life beyond our imaginations.  The more you read, the more you will learn to think creatively and intelligently, and ultimately the more you will be able to creatively and intelligently understand yourself, others, and society.  I found my rather lukewarm-bookie hubby reading A Game of Thrones… Initially I cringed wishing he would’ve picked up a different book but I found myself that he was at least reading! :) Anyway I hope these links will encourage some of you to have some “book time” this summer.   Happy reading!

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