beautiful disaster by j mcguire

  As the title suggests, Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster is a beautifully written disaster.  Not my cup of tea.  It is an young adult fiction about cliche trouble college teen lovers overcoming unexpected and unpredictable emotional turmoils.

Travis is your typical good looking , popular, sexual college guy constantly meeting girls on a one night basis.  He is a straight A student by day and a winning fighter in a secret fight club by night.  However, his coital excursion is suddenly put to halt when he meets good girl Abby.  Her resistance to Travis and his charms makes Abby even more irresistible.  Flirting here and there, playing hard to get here and there, they somehow get into a bet: if he loses, he has to be abstinent for thirty days, if she loses she has to live in his apartment for thirty days.  But of course, after all this resisting and “let’s stay as friends” deal, they fall madly in love.  Don’t worry though, the their happily ever after doesn’t come so easy and the rest of the book takes on a frustrating, crazy, intense roller coaster ride.

It sort of reminded me of Bringing Down the House and the movie Crazy/Beautiful. Not too original.  Maybe a beach read for younger readers.

dee’s recommendation: 1/5