the marriage plot by j eugenides

 Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Marriage Plot doesn’t follow an original plot: girl meets boy, boy is not the typical “good boy”, they fall in love, they go through an emotionally tumultuous relationship, girl has a close male friend who morally supports her throughout the “unhealthy relationship”… male friend falls in love with girl, and then bam! a very complicated and unhealthy love triangle is formed etc.  Who will she chose, and why?

Though the plot may be quite predictable, Eugenides’ meticulous, descriptive, and eloquent writing style keeps the book going.  It is 1982, and Madeleine is graduating from Brown University.  With Leonard, her on-again-off-again boyfriend on one side, and Mitchell, her male friend on the other, Madeleine anxiously sets out on an expedition to post-college life.  The novel reminds us that no matter how much we pay or spend thousands of hours with world’s most scholarly figures, universities utterly fail to help students on the quest of life afterwards.

The book is about growing up, loving, and having your heart broken but learning how to move on without feeling regretful.  I may have enjoyed the book more if I were five years younger.

dee’s recommendation: 3/5