coffee talk, penguin books

When was the last time you came across a book or a publishing company’s ad campaign?  I’m not sure if there are even campaigns that advocate the art of reading.  What would it look like?  If I had the honor, I’d probably get a big piece of white paper and write READ in bold stencil all across it.  How original.

  A lasting impression of a reading-related campaign I ever saw was by Penguin Books.  Looking beyond their success of publishing millions of bestsellers globally, one of the biggest factors that has continued to contribute to its success, in my opinion, is their branding.  Considering that it’s merely a tiny logo that barely gets prioritized as a consumer’s purchasing decision, Penguin Books has evolved into an internationally recognized icon.  Not a lot of publishing companies spend on marketing campaigns.  I think they assume that they are automatically put on the pedestal through its mass distribution and shelf life.

I honestly have no idea what the history behind the penguin is, but it was initially sketched by a 21-year-old copywriter back in the 30s.  That’s pretty extraordinary.  At that age… to just sketch something that would eventually become permanent.  Penguin Books branding also includes their feel-exclusive vintage editions. I would love to own a few of my favorite books in vintage Penguins.  It’s not something that’s targeted for every reader out there, but I think it makes consumers feel closely connected to the brand… because it brings to them something familiar.

Anyway, here is some random inspiration by Penguin Books. Enjoy! :)

The copy in the corner reads “Unputdownable”