happy birthday d1000! :)

 **Edit 11/4/11**

Since it was d1000’s second birthday, I’ve decided to give away two books this year.  The winners are J.D. from Seoul, Korea and A.L. from Boston, US.  Congrats! :) Thanks to everybody who participated.  Happy reading!



It’s that time of the year again! My blog turns two in a couple of weeks – happy second birthday d1000!  Looking through my reading list this year it’s a bit disappointing to see that it has been less than stellar;  the only excuses I can come up with are all lame variations of  “I’m too busy with life”.  As crazy as my agenda may be though, I think having a book blog aggressively reminds me to break away from everyday chaos… After all, this blog is a commitment I have made with myself and I’m pleasantly surprised that it has journeyed this far.  Anyhoo, to make it into a tradition, I’d like to continue to advocate the art of reading by inviting my humble number of readers to celebrate this milestone with me again: a book giveaway!

To enter:

1. Go through the list under “books”.  Choose a book you would like to receive and explain why you’d like to read it.
2. Tell me about the worst book you’ve ever read and explain why it was such a terrible one.
3. Email all of the above to d1000bookblog @ gmail. com by Nov 1st & wait for me to get back to you! I ship internationally hehe :)

Happy reading!! Xoxo

“Read the best books first, or you  may never have the chance to read them at all.” -HDT