shopper marketing by m stahlberg

  This book is a compilation of various essays and papers on shopper marketing and shopper insights.  Maintaining a reputable brand image is always a challenge but in order to sell your brand, you not only have to form relationships with your consumers but your retailers.  Shopper marketing, then, is (hopefully) the result that comes out from the productive relationship between the advertiser and the retailer to effectively and positively influence consumer behavior.  It can range from merchandising products (i.e. aisle product presentation) to creating loyalty programs.

One of the things I remember from the reading is the story of a ketchup salesman’s dilemma (side note: I cannot live without ketchup- Heinz to be exact).  He had to reach a certain quota from his ketchup sales but he realized that retailers were not interested in selling ketchup; they were more concerned about selling their hamburgers.  As much as retailers pushed for hamburger sales, shoppers were not interested in buying hamburgers or ketchup; they spent more time worrying about organizing BBQs.  With this information and insights, the sales rep and the rest of the marketing department developed a “Heinzburger promotion” that sold more ketchup and hamburgers and made lives easier for the shoppers.

To keep a remarkable brand image is not only about trying to create value with, say, your company logo, but the kind of personalized value it provides for your target consumers. Brand is power, money, image, and so forth.  But it’s also accommodation, service, and comfort.  Shopper Marketing consists of very informative papers that advises how to increase purchase decisions at the point of sale.

dee’s rec: 3.5/5