coffee talk, may 2011

There’s been a lot of buzz about the revolution of advertising and where the industry is headed.  Many agencies have been jumping ship from providing traditional advertising platforms to rapidly syncing with the dynamics of social media advertising.  The thing we have to remember, however, is that this movement resembles what took place in the industry with the advent of television.  Product placement still existed prior to televisions: on posters and radios.  Needless to say, television did affect the evolution of the advertising industry but didn’t completely alter the platforms of traditional advertising.  This remains true, in my opinion, with social media.

Development of new agencies are booming all over the globe on the basis of software development to serve clients with more opportunities to expose their brands through i.e. applications for smartphones.  In order to effectively reach the target demographic, it is crucial to not only expose them with the brands and products but to trigger them to take action – and social media plays a significant role in increasing the odds.  It’s probably the easiest way to penetrate households.  But social media advertising is not a revolution.  The fact that many are fascinated by application advertising scares me a bit.  It shouldn’t be new information.  Back in the day when televisions and computers did not exist, social advertising existed in marketplaces.  Word-of-mouth has been around for thousands of years.  The only new thing about social media advertising is the word “media” because the diversity of technology is being used in the concept.  Now, the things we talk about and think about are portrayed online.   Social media is merely another outlet of advertising; it doesn’t rule out the fact that we should neglect the platforms of traditional advertising and void them irrelevant.  And I think that has been the biggest misunderstanding.

The key here is to utilize social media advertising as appropriately as possible.  Just because the competition is bombarding their target demographic with ads on social media, it doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be followed.  After all, even consumers are developing instinctive ways to block all the ads that are being pushed into them.

I am not saying that social media is unimportant.  It’s probably one of the best ways to reach people quicker in a shorter amount of time.  But I think that within a bit of time we will notice that the hype of social media will simmer down… at least until something more innovative is discovered somewhere along the way.  The advertising industry is not going anywhere.  Traditional platforms will long remain and whatever new type of advertising platform is cultivated, the traditional ones will always be the main source of reference, no matter what.