humankind by leo burnett worldwide

It has been a year and a half since this blog was born and I am happy to have reached my very own hundredth blog post!  Actually, after being here for almost two years, I feel as though I should well be beyond my hundredth but this day and number shall suffice for now.

Since I always seek to find inspiration in people who make ordinary seem extraordinary, I thought I would introduce HumanKind.  This book is definitely an extraordinary compilation of grade A+ advertisements that were created and produced by Leo Burnett offices worldwide.  Somewhere along my journey in the advertising industry, I once heard that sex sells.  As much as that, unfortunately, is terribly true for the mass I think the idea degrades the value of the industry.  It’s a short cut.  No creative thinking required – just add a bit of sex appeal and it’ll do.  But extraordinary advertising obviously surpasses this concept; it demonstrates how creativity has the power to change human behavior (also the motto of Leo Burnett).   The ads in this book prove exactly that.

The boards of Leo Burnett Worldwide get together, I think every year, to evaluate the ads on a scale of 1 to 10; 10 being it changes the world.  Other than the Earth Hour campaign no other ads have ever received a 10.   It is known that if an ad scores 7, it deserves a standing ovation.  It means that the ad changes the way people think and feel.  HumanKind is the philosophy behind Leo Burnett’s advertising and it is rapidly becoming a global movement.  As a quote in the book states, “HumanKind puts laser sharp focus on the infinite power of imagination and its ability to change the way people think, feel, and ultimately, behave.”  This book is a droplet of every day inspiration and you will be fascinated with where imaginations and creativity can take ya!  Good advertising can persuade our purchasing habits; great advertising can change the way we live.   Happy reading :D

dee’s rec: 5/5