coffee talk, nov 2010

It’s that time of year again… With less than forty days until the end of another year, I’m desperately seeking to make whole of all the scattered events that happened in three hundred and sixty-five days.  But to hastily fathom the past year of my life will result in nothing more than an image that looks a lot like chasing a whimsical butterfly.  Hence the much required desperation to dearly grab onto all the memories while making sure that absolutely nothing is left behind.  Even the days where I aimlessly drove, mindless and lost.

Time is such a fragile yet powerful thing; it stands completely independent and out of our control but it has the agility to suck out the very soul of our lives when we are not looking and least expecting it.  So much happens when nothing happens.  We put in so much time in this and that.  We have no time.  We have lots of time.  But whatever it is, and however we make use of time, it’s important to understand that time is now.  There is no reason to risk the certainties of the present time because of the uncertainties of the future.

In retrospect, the year has brought me many blessings in disguise.  I’ve formed valuable relationships under the most unexpected circumstances, spent the summer getting sun kissed in various places around the world, caught a glimpse of my salvation through a much needed faithful and spiritual security, and attempted to keep my head up and find the salt of life in situations where others may have found inconvenient.  Every day is a step closer to whatever it is that I am looking for.  Every day adds a new meaning to life.  It hasn’t been easy but at the end of all of it, I think it will be worth it.  Whatever it may be.

And another day folds; another year comes to a finale.  Not to mention, the chapter to a two-year academic endeavor will come to an end in less than a month.  So, what now?  I think the best I could come up with is just… today.  I’ll do my best to not push to tomorrow what can be done today.  Today is the day… And really, as long as you’re under the right circumstances, there’s nothing in this world that you can’t have if you truly want it.  On that note- here’s to another fabulous, unforgettable year; here’s to more happier todays, the todays that will make more sense and be more affirming later in life… :)