hey whipple, squeeze this by l sullivan

My memory is not my strongest asset…  So I was fully justified when I revisited Luke Sullivan’s Hey Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Ads this past weekend; and of course because advertising is a passion of mine.  I read it during my Advertising Art Direction course back in college.  And it only reminded me how the book achieves to catalyze idea bubbles to burst with creativity.  Obviously, it was worthy of classroom-reading material.  In fact, there is more than a handful of book reviews out there written by agency execs, ADs, creative departments, etc who claimed they would “make their employees read it” and anybody else who is related to the creative side of advertising.

It’s not an academic book that holds a list of citations. It’s more of a free-flowing script of Sullivan’s ideas on creating great ads.  Hence, it’s written with humor, sarcasm, and a lot of informal references.  It outlines the fundamental aspects of creating advertisements in TV, print, radio, and outdoor media platforms.  Reading it again reminded me of how the most extraordinary things are most often than not very simple.  Simplicity is key to many things in life… and to implement this in advertising helps to easily reach the target audience and to achieve efficient communication via whatever message that’s being presented.  Although the book was written more than a decade ago, the fundamental concepts of advertising that still stands today are thoroughly discussed throughout the book.  It’s a book that you can refer to when you’re having a creativity-block.

dee’s rec: 3.5/5