happy birthday d1000!

[Edit 11/7/01] And the winner is H.J. from the Big Apple! :) Congratulations.  She will receive Wally Lamb’s Wishin’ and Hopin’ in the mail very shortly.  When asked where her favorite reading place was, she answered “I’m pretty sure some people might say their bedroom, or cafes, or the rooftop when the weather is warm.  But for me, it’s at the boarding gates in airports.  There’s something about finding quiet time in my books when my surrounding is bustling with people and noises…”  Interesting, ay? :)

Thanks to everyone who participated! Happy reading.

My blog is turning ONE next month!

I began book-blogging to keep track of everything I read.  Living in a generation where everything has inevitably become media-centered, I wanted a platform to revive the lost hobby of reading books and to freely discuss my opinions… without anybody interrupting me (haha jk).  Throughout the past year, I’ve come across many other book blogs and readers who took the time to email me & further discuss our perspectives.  I really don’t intend to make this a commercial site but I just want to take this entry to say thank you for coming to d1000 & keeping the art of reading alive!

So as a gesture of appreciation…

I’m going to do a book-giveaway!

To enter go to my “books” page and choose a book you would like to receive from me from the list and explain why you want to read it.

Along with that, please submit the following to d1000bookblog @ gmail .com:

1) Name & main email add,
2) Your favorite place to read books & why,
3) What would be the title of your biography and why.

It doesn’t have to be long.  The most creative answer will win the book-giveaway.  The winner will be posted on Nov 7 so please submit by Nov 6!  Good luck :)