the new rules of marketing & pr by d.m. scott

What’s the first thing you do when you want to purchase a car?  Go straight to the dealership?  No. The first thing we do before we go out to buy any thing is to look online – to compare costs, to see what is available at our location, and to gather any and every data about the product or service.   The Internet.  What a revolutionary word.  We all know that the old rules of marketing and PR are ineffective online.  Conventional business wisdom is hardly competent and many companies are paying big bucks and sucking the marrow out of their marketing department to find a unique approach to appeal to consumers.  In The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David M Scott instructively outlines how businesses can use social media and viral marketing to reach buyers directly.

There are no surprises.  We already know that we can use blogs, podcasts, news releases, etc.  But Scott points out some different ways to use the media – i.e. have a blog but you don’t necessarily have to link it to your corporate site; design, color, alignment, and text size matters; developing a site personality is an element of a buyer-centric website (eg. “I’m Feeling Lucky” on Google’s site); so on and so forth.  Instead of proposing “new” things, the author rather presents successful business cases (Sharpie, Sony BMG, Digg, Eepybird, Outsell Inc., etc).  Interacting with your audience in forums, blog comments, and social media (FB & MyS) further helps to leverage your business and “get your name out there”.

In contrast to any traditional business models, the Internet is all about sharing knowledge.  The more people know about something, the higher the value is created.  Instead of bombarding your audience with massive advertisements, Scott’s research suggests that it’s more effective to be involved and to proactively level your business with your customer needs.

dee’s rec: 3.5/5