same kind of different as me by r hall & d moore

It’s a sentimental story of the lives of two complete strangers crossing paths because of their relationship with a third.  It’s sweet, it’s spiritually awakening but I would hesitate to recommend Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore as a literary leisure piece.  It’s a memoir that is narrated by two different characters: a modern-day slave and an art dealer.  On Amazon, the book got 4.5/5 stars from an average of 400+ readers.  Well, that’s why I picked up the book… but I was a little disappointed with the mundane plot.

Denver escapes from a plantation in Louisiana (1960s) and hopes on a train to Dallas where he is homeless for almost two decades.  Ron is an internationally acclaimed art dealer who busily chases the evil tails of money and fame, neglecting his marriage and constantly pulling away from his life in Dallas.   He lives the high roller life until he finds out that his wife, Deborah, is diagnosed with cancer.  That’s the thing… why does it always take something extreme like cancer or death to develop an appreciation for life?  Ron cheats on his wife with a much younger girl during a travel art show but the thing that terminated the affair was his wife’s cancer.  Anyway, from here they become religious, spiritual, and they try to work on their marriage and emotionally embrace each other.  Along the way, Ron volunteers to help the homeless, which is where Ron meets Denver.  They form an unusual and special kind of friendship.  Blah, blah, life goes on.

Call me harsh (perhaps jaded) but I really don’t see how this story is special.  The fact that it took a cancer diagnosis to seek love and happiness was simply not appealing.  I’m glad their lives were changed but some people somewhere in this world go through this every single day…

dee’s rec: 2/5