how starbucks saved my life by m gill

The closest I ever emotionally wrapped my head around Starbucks was when I saw Sean Penn making his way to serve and spill coffee in I Am Sam.  It’s been awhile since I’ve read it but my significant other reminded me last night of it so I thought I’d recollect via blog.  I picked up How Starbucks Saved My Life because Michael Gill had my dream job; a creative director at the prestigious JWT.  I would kill for a job at JWT.  All my college years were spent acknowledging how JWT was the pioneer for this and that in the realm of advertising.  And to wake up one day, completely drenched in the harshness of reality, wishing everything were a dream…  To downgrade to serve from being served??

His life was perfect in the materialistic world: a six figure salary as an ad exec, a big house, a picture-perfect family, and a proud and expensive Ivy League diploma.  But to be jobless, marriage-less, and broke in just a matter of a day… Gill finds himself swallowing his pride and numbly setting his foot in Starbucks.  Serving thousands of coffee cups later, he claims that he’s never been as happy as he is now, ever.  And he doesn’t plan to retire from Star anytime soon.  He begins to realize that there’s more to life than getting chased after time and money.  He appreciates life from another level especially by living through the life of his twenty eight year-old boss.

A part me, though, thinks that if he hadn’t come from such a privileged background to experience a downgrade in life (transforming from an exec to a barista), he may never have appreciated the job and everything that comes with it this much.

dee’s rec: 3.5/5