eat pray love by e gilbert

I know.  I am probably a century behind to finally get around Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. So I’ve heard this book has been adopted as a film.  I’ve also heard that the author expensed her trip with the advance she received from the publishers for the book.  And I can’t help but think… is it a genuine non-fiction work?  It’s like getting paid to publish your diary… but it’s not really a diary because you already know that it’s going to be read by strangers from around the world.

Eat, Pray, Love is about Elizabeth’s journey to recuperate physically, spiritually, and emotionally from panic, depression, and a divorce.  She visits Italy, India and Indonesia to seek refuge.  She learns how to embrace spontaneity and worldly enjoyment. She encounters diverse people and records them in the book with lots of wit and humor.  But the journey seems a bit too… (could I say) fake?  Or that she was trying a little too hard to associate every experience to spirituality?

I admit, Gilbert’s writing style is very upbeat, optimistic and full of details that create vivid images that helps the reader to re-live her moments.  But despite her colloquial energy and exhilarating narration style, the storyline lacks passion and authenticity.

dee’s rec: 3/5