big russ and me by t russert

It’s been exactly a year since I wrote an entry about being Daddy’s Little Girl.  As an only daughter, I feel as though father-daughter relationships are a lot more sentimental and (maybe even) fragile at times.  There’s a lot of unspoken yet mutually understood unconditional love that is communicated subtly between fathers and daughters.  I’m not sure how father-son relationships go but, as far as I know, affection is probably even more subtle and less communicated.  More often than not, it’s a tough-love kind of affection.

Big Russ and Me by the late Tim Russert is an amazing testimonial to father-son relationships.  It delves into how emotion, knowledge, and virtues are shared between them.  Although it’s a man-to-man kind of memoir, it is delicately written so that mothers and daughters could relate to some of the stories.  I am still heart-broken and devastated at the reality that Meet the Press will never have Russert to host again but his charm and strong morals & values live through this book.  You begin to see that under the powerful caliber of an intellectual and political journalist lay a heart of a youthful soul that constantly relied on his father for everything.

dee’s rec: 4/5