the boy who harnessed the wind by w kamkwamba

Can you imagine life without water and electricity? We take our resources for granted all the time.  We choose not to recycle, save, and preserve.  Can you imagine generating a source of electricity from scratch for your own town? The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba is a powerful story of a boy in Malawi who embarked on a magical scientific journey to bring electricity into his town.

Misala is what they called him (crazy).  How could a poor little boy without an adequate educational background and appropriate resources become an international inspiration?  His town plagued with famine, his parents left destitute, his future uncertain…  Kamkwamba had nothing to lose.

I think if I had heard his story through a “direct translation” conversation, I would’ve been drawn more into his life.  It’s just that… there was something missing throughout the whole book.  The book has been highly acclaimed since the first week it was published but unlike many other memoirs and biographies I had read, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind wasn’t that spectacular.  The story is unbelievable and extraordinary but the writing style didn’t equally unfold the story as compelling as it could have been.

dee’s rec: 3/5