nichomachean ethics by aristotle

I’ve got to admit – Nichomachean Ethics by Aristotle is a bit heavy and hardcore for leisure reading but it’s a great source to go back once in awhile to keep your ethics knowledge intact!  This book was the serendipity of meeting one of my best friends in college.  Well, that and some shiny pink Japanese candy that served as an ice breaker for our very first conversation.

Whenever I hold a glass full of sparkling alcoholic bubbles, I toast to happiness.  At the end of each day, I always ask myself whether I had done things to fulfill my happiness.  Of course, happiness isn’t something that is constant but it’s important to take a moment each day to ask myself why I’m doing the things I do and what I’m trying to achieve.  Ultimately, as my parents have unconditionally reminded me, there’s a need to do what makes you happy.  But what exactly is happiness?  And what measures need to be taken for the pursuit of happiness?

Aristotle’s book begins with the definition of happiness, which eventually leads to his definition and explanation of virtue.  There are many dimensions that make up happiness, according to his book.  For me though,  happiness is when what you want harmoniously collides with your actions and transforms your desires into reality.  Although others may disagree on the description of happiness as something divine or even as chance, I have to fully appreciate Aristotle’s claim that what is greatest and most beautiful to be left to chance would be too discordant.

It’s definitely not a coffee table book but… why not? :) Sometimes your mind and soul need to be refreshed with ideas that remind you that there is meaning to life beyond success, materialism, and collectivism.

dee’s recommendation: 5/5