coffee talk, jan 2010

I’m surprised that the traffic to my website has shown a small – but consistent – level of activity over the past month.  I’ve mentioned this before but I haven’t found a lot of free time lately… I haven’t even found the time to properly keep in touch with my beloved ones afar.  Work life is consuming and time is a luxury that I seldom have these days.  So please excuse my intermittent blogging for now.  But thank you for always checking back.  I’m currently reading an adventurous book by Alan Bradley called The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.  It’s so far so good but I have yet to finish & review it.  So behold!  A complete dedicated entry is on its way.

Meanwhile, I came across a poem called “Last Day on Planet Earth” by Simon Armitage in The New Yorker.  So fellow readers, here it is.

Lippincott takes a photograph with his eye.
Wittmann paints in the crust of salt with a finger of spit.
Yoshioka wheels the last piano onto the fire.
Owens throws stones at a rock.
The afternoon turns over in its sleep, then sleeps.

Kirszenstein trades her kingfisher skull for a tinned peach.
Jerome traps air in a screw-top jar.
Bambuck plants the last of his teeth.
Johnson dresses his gangrenous wound with a carrier bag.
Bolt pulls up the ladder, secures the hatch.