eating animals by js foer

“The everyday horrors of factory farming are evoked so vividly, and the case against the people who run the system is presented so convincingly, that anyone who, after reading Foer’s book, continues to consume the industry’s products must be without a heart, or impervious to reason, or both.” – JM Coetzee

Please tell me as to how you wouldn’t be afraid to proceed with the book after reading that inside the flap.  I can’t imagine life without juicy fillets and pork cutlets, or burgers and patty melt sandwiches.  How could anybody live without wings (& beer) or lamb chops (& wine) or duck?  Foer delicately approaches his stance on eating animals.  Although he wasn’t a vegetarian to begin with, he converted to the Other Side after his son was born.  Simply put, Foer became more health and environmentally conscious after his son’s birth.

To be honest with you, I haven’t finished the book.  Frankly, I fear that I will become a vegetarian.  And that’s a tough one especially when you’re living in Korea.  And I love meat.  And Coetzee’s quote in the beginning frightened me to the core of my bones.  I’m all about green preservation and green peace and green everything but I don’t know if I care enough to give up meat.  I’m about half-way through and I immediately stopped after I began to feel a tiny teeny bit nauseous.  The book outlines how meat is produced from slaughtering, processing, etc.  I’m planning to finish it, but I think I’ll wait until I’m ready.  It’s that sort of book… because you know Foer is such a great writer and his writing can be as vivid as describing how something SMELLS…. Anybody who’s read it – please let me know if you’ve converted. Thanks.

dee’s recommendation: ???/5