crazy love by f chan

All of my K-12 education years were faithfully spent at private Christian schools.  My parents are firm believers of two different religions so I grew up in an eclectic religious lifestyle.  I was a fairly pious disciple until College deviated my religious beliefs and transposed it into the search for scientific justifications.  Since a couple of days ago, I noticed that it had been more than three or four years since I’ve had attended church persistently.  Cogitating on my spiritual journey, I immediately went to Amazon to search for any books that could bring my faith back.  Of course, by the end of my online excavation my shopping cart was filled with completely different items.  Anyway, while I was shopping, one of my best friends suggested that I buy a book called Crazy Love by Leslie Steiner.  When my Amazon package had finally arrived, I vigorously cut open the box and began reading the book.  From the very first page, I was disconcerted completely!  Why would my Jewish friend recommend an entire book about Christianity and finding faith?  Then I realized I had purchased an identically titled book by Francis Chan (oops!).  You should have seen my expression; I was speechless.  But the more I read, the more I began to realize that he had something to say.

How uncanny.  I don’t discuss religion or politics publicly online only because my views are quite debatable and often times (depending on the issue) undecided.  But!… anybody who has lost their spiritual focus in life or wants to be sanctimoniously inspired should pick up this book.  One of my favorite lines is, “Because when you’re wildly in love with someone, it changes everything.” Meanwhile, I will be looking forward to reading my friend’s real recommendation, Crazy Love by Leslie Steiner.

dee’s recommendation: 4/5