the sartorialist by s schuman

I’m not ostentatiously fashion-conscious.  I always, always, always choose comfort over beauty.  My wardrobe doesn’t represent any of that beauty-comes-in-pain talk because… you can be beautiful & still be comfortable :)  I do love shopping and I love it more when I’m choosing outfits for other people.  I love fashion but I’m not a fashionista who needs to buy everything from a runway impromptu.  I first started to follow The Sartorialist back in 2007 because of Scott Schuman‘s talent for artsy and creative photography.  He not only chooses to capture high-end trend setters but he is extremely talented at finding random people with strong and unique personalities that are so clearly expressed in their styles.  His photos are from all over the States and Europe and, still after two years, I am amazed at his flair for discovering art on the streets.   Schuman appeals to people who inspire him (who, he says, are also people capable of moving fashion forward) and not people merely focused on making chic statements.  Two years later, I’m still his big fan.

So— I bought his book!  It’s not a big, hardcover that heavily sits on your coffee table, which eventually gets neglected after a couple of skimmings; it’s an average sized Penguin book that fits perfectly in your hands.  Garance mentioned it in her blog about how he came about to choose his publisher.  Anyway, it’s filled with 500 pages of photos and writings.  You’ll love it if you’re fashion savvy & if you appreciate the embracing of individualism and novelty in everyone :).

dee’s rec: 5/5