coffee talk, isabella stewart gardner

I dream of opening up my own art gallery one day.  As a hobby. Not a profession.  Maybe. Who knows?

My parents are art fanatics. So I grew up in museums, art seminars, and a house full of paintings and sculptures. I, too, became an art-appreciating extraordinaire.  I can proudly say that art is a constant in my life. It cries and laughs with me. It deciphers my emotions visually.

My favorite museum in the world has to be the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Fenway, Boston, MA. Of course, compared to the Louvre or Vatican Museums it fails to attract worldwide tourists or holds billions of dollars worth of historical art (& never mind their castle-like architectures). But the elegant aura that ISGM aesthetically emits gets you re-evaluating everything. The vastopen atrium in the center of the building creates a sanctuary for the forgotten artists whose paintings humbly hang on her walls. With four floors of permanent eclectic collections, Mrs.Gardner fabulously transformed her house into a public attraction. Unlike modern museums, ISGM is divided into rooms that cordially invites you to feel as if you’re dropping by for tea with the Madame herself. If you haven’t gone yet, please do.

The mysterious feeling is furthermore evoked by its sad, sad, sad frames of stolen masterpieces that continue to exhibit empty. In 1990, thirteen art works including Rembrandt’s The Storm of Galilee and his Self Portrait and five Degas pieces were taken away. It was the largest art heist in history. It’s been almost 20 years now and the reward goes for $5 million… Standing in front of these abandoned frames brings goose bumps to your skin and tears to your eyes. These thieves were dressed in police uniforms when they ripped the paintings out of the museum.

Art brings various rays of emotions but ISGM really captures the essence of happiness and sympathy simultaneously. One day, I dream of building a home-like gallery that tastefully allures people to keep coming back… a gallery that also symbolizes Isabella’s unforgettable elegance.