the monk who sold his ferrari by r sharma

9780062515674What an inspiration! Despite its gimmicky title, I finished  the book in a single setting.  Robin Sharma writes a fable about a lawyer, Julian Mantle, who is forced to confront his out-of-balance lifestyle and seek a harmonized life through a spiritual journey.  The title pretty much sums up the tale.  For readers who might be in the rat race for material success and money, this book might be food for thought.  In a world where almost everything preaches us of materialistic wealth and happiness, the book brings our high heads back down to Earth to remind us of the real things- the many real things- that we often forget to prioritize in life.

I admit.  The thing is, no matter how many books are published about the appreciation of life from other, more spiritual and healthier dimensions, people will not change. It is a materialistic world out there, unfortunately, and people will continue to pass judgments via wealth.  But it’s a good reminder that money only bring convenience. Not happiness. Money can’t buy love.  Life shouldn’t be celebrated around materialistic things; otherwise, what the heck? When you’re laying in your death bed, your eulogy won’t be about how much money you made or what kind of cars you drove but of the people’s hearts you’ve touched and your… “intangible” contributions.  Sure, money does measure success but I’m just saying… it shouldn’t be the main story.

This book was recommended by a friend and I must say I take book recommendations seriously :).  Not that he was implying something when he handed me the book but the fact that he wanted to share the pearls of wisdom means a great deal to me.  In return, I highly recommend the book to you.  Although the lessons outlined by the author may sound pedantic, the The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is certainly a captivating story that invites us to re-evaluate our lives and see where our priorities stand.

dee’s recommendation: 5/5