three little words by a rhodes-courter

41-eXz4jWkL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I love reading memoirs.  Books are windows to the worlds that exist beyond our imaginations; memoirs are just that- it invites us to catch a glimpse of lives outside our own bubbles.  Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter is about Ashley’s childhood which was neglected from the very beginning by her parents.  It opened my eyes to the harsh and teeth-clenching reality of foster children and welfare.  As much as we are all well acquainted with these unfortunate problems that exist around the world, the story of Three Little Words almost vividly crawl out of the pages pleading for compassion, sympathy, and love.  But Ashley never lost faith and hope and her writing beautifully (& sometimes disturbingly graphic-ly) illustrates her push-and-pull mental and physical struggles growing up.

The author was only 22 when the book was published in 2008. She was able to overcome her abhorrent experiences (living in more than ten foster homes, hopping from school to school, being separated from her blood related family) and now is an advocate of adoption and foster care reform.  It may be a little selfish to say- but reading her life made me appreciate the relationships with my family members, and that I have a roof over my head.  “Family” is almost always taken for granted only because it is embedded in our minds that no matter what the hek happens, they will always, always, always, forever be there.  But knowing that and appreciating them in a grateful way are very different.  We should be thankful, everyday.

dee’s recommendation: 4/5