wikinomics by d tapscott

kikI’m taking a class called Global Organization & Leadership Strategies and we basically read a different business/strategy book every week to discuss it in two three-hr class times.  Since September, we’ve read In Search of Excellence by Peters and Waterman, Built to Last and Good to Great both by Collins, and Wikinomics by Tapscott & Williams.  And as much as I appreciate these authors trying to provide a tip or two about various global strategies, the prolific list of marketing and business jargons and buzzwords on every single page is driving me insane! But I have to admit these people have a lot to say and we have a lot to learn.  Our latest focus, Wikinomics, talks about the emergence of a global economic democracy where mass collaboration has invited every consumer to play a lead role in business R&D.  Although Tapscott mentions various Internet-related participatory communities (including MySpace, Facebook, InnoCentive, YouTube, etc) an entire chapter is dedicated to Wikipedia.  The bottom line?  The power of business is (technically) in our hands.

tailThe book basically challenges the old, conventional business model by outlining seven new models of its own – all of which centers around technology and its role:  1) peer pioneers, 2) ideagoras, 3) prosumers, 4) new Alexandrians, 5) platforms for participation, 6) global plant floor, and 7) wiki workplace.  I think the most interesting term is “prosumers”, which describes the phenomenon of how the gap between producers and consumers is blurring… Anyway, compared to Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail, the book lacks credibility and it profusely reiterates the same ideas over and over again :/(Pick up The Long Tail if you wish to understand why the future of business is selling less of more.)

I try not to pick up business books… only because many of them linger around concepts and advice that are almost like common sense.  It lacks ingenuity, you know?  Maybe it’s because I’ve been in this field for too long but I really hope that one day I pleasantly come across a business book worth praising over.  This entry lacks coherence but I have to get back to writing my paper!!!! :(

dee’s recommendation: 2/5